Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page OptimizationYou’ve researched, chosen and built out your keywords.  You’ve built structured campaigns and Ad Groups.  You’ve created ads that specifically target your ideal customer and adequately filter out unwanted clicks.  Forgetting anything?

Within the realm of paid search, keywords and ads are fundamentals which are necessary to begin your campaign. Frequently, where traffic is being directed and how advertisers engage potential customers once they reach their destination is disregarded. As we encounter the rise in click costs, saturated markets and relevancy scoring, landing pages have never been as critical to PPC success. For example, if you’re sending traffic to your home page, most likely you are losing potential sales by not displaying a unique message. Your audience has already provided invaluable insight into their objective with the selected keyword, ad and other factors. Directing them to your home page can potentially close the door in the face of future opportunity. 

At we focus on specificity by creating, deploy and optimizing landing pages to ensure you’re successfully monetizing your flow of paid search traffic. Even if you have in-house resources to create your own pages our unique account team will confer with you on best practices for layout and subject matter and then place agreed upon elements into laborious tests to determine the most effective landing pages for a robust PPC ROI. 

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