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Business Efficiency KLLewis.com has business experience ranging from small database development to project management of large enterprise systems. Based upon unique business requirements, we will recommend a solution with the best price/performance that will exceed expectations and produce a ROI as quickly as possible.

We follow a step by step process for all of the projects we manage. We have implemented entry-level databases to complex data structures that are scaled as growing requirements change. Independent of platform, we will design data structures for optimum system performance and data integrity.

We follow a six step project process:

  • Step 1. Definition: This step begins with our initial contact and ends with a formal quote stating the scope of services. We listen actively to our client's ideas, establish a clear understanding of the project, and strategize to determine business objectives and agenda.
  • Step 2. Planning: This step commences with full exploration of your ideas and then produces a detailed visual guide and demo web site, and ends with design and coding to finish up the project development.
  • Step 3. Refinement: This is the implementation and content perfection stage. Alpha and Beta releases are presented and adjustments are made.
  • Step 4. Testing: Complete regression testing is done at this stage of the development. We compare the system with the business process to make sure they are sychronized.
  • Step 5. Deployment: At the end of this stage, we the system is deployed into the client's location and verified prior to "go live" to ensure all programs are fully functional.
  • Step 6. Training: We take training very seriously. We have trained client's all over the world on our applications. During this phase we also continue to examine the new system to ensure it is delivering the expected results.
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