Web Implementation

Web Implementation KLLewis.com doesn’t just design and build websites. We implement websites that will grow, scale, and change as your business evolves. A successful website development exceeds the software and extends to the people working to make the site a success. Our experienced professionals work collaboratively and bring collective knowledge and skill to every new web project.

Just as each business is unique, so is every website. With this individuality comes different needs and requirements. Many sites we develop include some of the following features and functional areas. The exact combination required to ensure your solution is the best it can be will vary, nevertheless we are dedicated to producing a successful development effort with every initiative. 

  • Content Management - Pulling together website subject matter can sometimes be more of an effort than many people think. Content covers not just the written word but also graphics, pictures, and video. Getting these developed, edited, styled, and laid out correctly is what KLLewis.com does as part of the website development. Our team can take your content from numerous sources and re-purpose it for the website. We also work with talented researchers, writers, and audio and video producers to create custom "web ready" articles, white papers, podcasts, and video pieces.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - SEO is integral to all of our website design and development work.  Our approach is to be thoughtful in the site structure and to make it naturally “search engine friendly” so that the website content will be ranked well by the search engines. Today search engines optimize partly by looking for certain standards and mostly by analyzing the content. KLLewis.com  follows the current standards such as site maps, "friendly URLs," and similar items. We are much more focused on making sure the content on your site is matching the searching patterns you are expecting. Our writers are thoughtful in the writing the website marketing copy so that it emphasizes the right terms and concepts and supports your mission. We also work with you for ongoing paid search campaigns that enhances your marketing mix.
  • Software Development and Integration - Website development and web application development are serious software efforts.  At KLLewis.com, we use the best tools and best practices to ensure that the software is developed well, meets the specifications, is supportable for the future and integrates with SOA and web-services from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun Java, and other leading IT providers.  Also at KLLewis.com  our software engineers and web developers work hand-in-hand with our creative designers and interactive producers. The result is a more integrated and polished solution that flows smoothly, integrating both creative design and technology strength.
  • Testing and Acceptance - Using agile methodologies and as soon as is practicable, we make the development system available for our clients to see and to test. OHO uses online bug and defect tracking systems and well as online collaboration tools so that testing and acceptance flow in parallel with development in a very agile approach. KLLewis.com's development team is also comfortable working with more traditional waterfall approach and having formal test plans and acceptance processes.
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