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Company Focus and History

About KL Lewis.com K Lewis Enterprises opened doors for business in November of 2001. With our primary focus on retail sales, we knew that in order to be a "player" we needed to learn everything we could about internet marketing and web development. Understanding there is a cost to everything, we developed and optimized websites in house.We have serviced several customers, as we are focus our efforts towards helping other businesses who need internet services but don't want to spend an arm and a leg.

These are our core values :

  1. Customer Satisfaction: our key to the future is overall customer satisfaction. We will pay attention to our customers and endeavor to predict and carry out their requirements and expectations; our success depends on strong alliances, which we can guarantee if each does their best to execute first-rate service, value, and products.
  2. Industry Integrity: we will carry out our business with high standards in working with the public; by honoring commitments, over delivering and under promising, being dedicated and by earning a reputation for taking the proper course of action.
  3. People: we will act with honesty, conviction, straightforwardness and meekness; ready to share our knowledge, support all participants and recognize others accomplishments.
  4. Excellence: our only constant is that we will continually challenge ourselves to improve. In all aspects of our activities, we will strive for excellence, value, expert knowledge and efficiency. We will be adaptable and agile, and we will promote originality and imagination in all aspects of our actions.

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